Voquel Kemistry

left to right: Jonathan, James, O’Neil

Meet V.K.


The Virtuoso.

Producer. Pianist. Bassist. Guitarist. Brings improvisation to VK.


The One with a Vision.

Songwriter. Vocalist. Guitarist. Drummer. Brings creativity to VK.


The Knowledgeable One.

Guitarist. Producer. Sound Engineer. Brings precision to VK.

Voquel Kemistry is “bringing back the feeling you lost”, sending you waves straight from our barn in West Newbury, Massachusetts with a retro, Psychedelic sound. We met and bonded over our love for Oasis, the Beatles, Third Eye Blind, the Grateful Dead, and Sublime among others. Our mission is to bring the feel of psychedelic rock back to the mainstream where it belongs, tying together complex lyrics, catchy/interesting melodies, with rock n roll, folk, blues, psychedelic, and pop influences blended into one. You might call us “kemists”!

Other Contributing Artists:


Drummer. Songwriter.


Guitarist. Hype man.

Sevine & Beryl

Drummer & Singer.